Below you will find the 2023 UCI Gravel World Series regulations. We will update this page once we receive the updated 2024 regulations from the UCI.


The Gralloch is a one-day gravel race and is part of the Trek UCI Gravel World Series. A Trek UCI Gravel World Series event is a competitive mass participation event which is fully timed for all participants and splits results per age group and gender. The riders have to respect road traffic regulations at all times. The UCI Gravel World Championships is the last event of the series, open to riders qualified through the series.


Riders do not need a licence to take part in The Gralloch.

Note: Riders who qualified for the UCI Gravel World Championships, must hold a valid licence issued by their respective national federation (day licences being excluded), hold a UCI ID and must be adequately insured against accidents and civil responsibility in the country in which the UCI Gravel World Championships are held.

Age groups

Riders will be entered into the appropriate age and gender category at The Gralloch. Age groups applicable to the Trek UCI Gravel World Series are defined by the rider’s age on December 31st of the year of the qualifier event.

Results for both women and men will be provided for the following age groups:

  • Elite men
  • Elite women
  • 19 – 34y
  • 35 – 39y
  • 40 – 44y
  • 45 – 49y
  • 50 – 54y
  • 55 – 59y
  • 60 – 64y
  • 65 – 65y
  • 70 – 74y
  • 75 – 79y
  • Etc. (any further 5-year category for which riders have entered)

Medals and titles will be awarded for any age group where one rider is registered.

All relevant UCI Cycling regulations apply to the UCI Gravel World Series events.


Regulations issued by the TREK UCI Gravel World Series are as follows:

“As per the official qualification system for the 2024 UCI Gravel World Championships, each TREK UCI Gravel World Series event grants qualification rights for the UCI Gravel World Championships for those riders finishing in the first 25% of their category.

"The 25% is calculated based on the number of starters in each category, and not on the number of riders having finished the race.”

The 25% is rounded to the highest number to determine the exact number of qualified riders per age group (for instance: of 26 starters, 6.5 are eligible for qualification, meaning that the first 7 will be invited for the World Championships)

Riders signing up for the age group categories can only qualify for the age group categories at the UCI Gravel World Championships.

In addition, the first three riders of each official age category will qualify directly for the World Championships, independently of the number of starters in that age group.  Riders must finish the race to gain qualification.

The GUN time principle is applied for calculating finishing positions of all riders.

For all other methods of qualification (wildcards, gravel national champions, etc.) please consult the official qualification system for the 2024 UCI Gravel World Championships.

The names of riders having gained qualification through the Trek UCI Gravel World Series will be communicated on the Trek UCI Gravel World Series website and will receive an official email from the UCI inviting them to register for the UCI Gravel World Championships via the dedicated online registration portal.

All riders, including non-licence holders, completing the same distance in a qualifying event are officially considered as participants in the Trek UCI Gravel World Series.

Elite Riders

Elite riders from a UCI registered team MUST take part in the elite category.

Elite riders with a national level licence have the choice to start in the elite category or in their respective age groups but must make that choice prior to the race. Riders signing up for the elite category can only qualify for the elite category at the UCI Gravel World Championships.

If a rider starts in the Elite Category but fails to qualify in that category they cannot claim qualification in their age group category even if his finish time would be within the top 25% of of that age group category.

Feed Zones

The Gralloch will feature three feed zones with a selection of sports nutrition (gels, bars and energy drink,) fruit and water.

Unless a rider has selected our Bottle Service you must self-serve at these feed zones as no outside assistance is allowed at The Gralloch. Any rider taking outside assistance may be disqualified.

Riders must not take any of the plastic water bottles away from the Feed Zone. All waste must be disposed of in the recycling and waste bins within the Feed Zone or at the finish line.

Feed Zones will also feature a Tech Zone with tools, spares, inner tubes, spare tyres and workstations.

Spare tyres available at the feed zone must be paid for by the rider after the finish. Prices and details will be communicated in the Race Guide. Riders must inform the Feed Zone manager if they intend to use one of the available spare tyres.

Items in the Tech Boxes must only be used by riders in mechanical emergencies. Riders caught simply stocking up on supplies without an immediate need for the tools or spares may be disqualified.

Any rider littering along the route may be disqualified. This includes dropping used CO2 cartridges, inner tubes, wrappers, gels, bottles, etc.

Tech Boxes

As well as the Feed Zones there will be a number of Tech Boxes along the route. They will be clearly marked and contain a variety of tools, spares and inner tubes. These may only be used

in mechanical emergencies. Riders caught simply stocking up on supplies without an immediate need for the tools/spares may be disqualified.

Outside Assistance

No outside assistance is permitted at The Gralloch. Riders may use the Bottle Service, use other drinks and food available at the Feed Zones and the tools and mechanical products available in the Tech Boxes.

Otherwise riders must be self-sufficient and may only use what they can carry.

Route Signage

The Gralloch route is fully sign-posted and a GPX file of the event route is available on the event website.

Specific signs will be installed on the side of the routes/track to indicate the following:

  • Signs to indicate the last 50km, 25km, 10km, 5km, 1km, and 500m before the finish line.
  • The presence of the next feed zone is indicated 500m ahead of each zone
  • The technical characteristics of the designated climbs are indicated at the bottom of the  climbs; this includes: the average and maximum gradients and the length of the climb.


Lead motorbikes will precede the Elite Women and Elite Men riders. Riders being overtaken by one of the lead motorbikes must move to the left side of the road/track to allow overtaking riders to pass safely.

A number of media motorbikes will be riding along the course. When instructed and safe to do so, allow them to pass on your right.


Riders may use any type of bike (road bike, mountain bike, city bike, hybrid bike, cross bike, etc.) with the exception of tandem or recumbent bikes. E-bikes, time trial bikes and aero bars are forbidden. During the UCI Gravel World Championships, all bikes should have dropped handlebars. It’s not possible to participate in the UCI Gravel World Championships with a mountain bike.


Riders are free to wear any type of jersey in the qualifier events, with the following exception:

Reigning World Champions are obliged to wear their official jersey in UGWS qualifier events.


All riders should carry their own tools and spare tyre or tubular during the race. Tools and a selection of spares will be supplied at each feed zone.

Riders can change wheels during the event, but must use the same bike frame throughout.

No outside technical assistance is permitted at The Gralloch. Any rider receiving technical assistance from anyone other than another rider or official event staff may be disqualified.


The event must be timed for all the participants, for the entire length of the course. The timekeeping provider will produce an overall ranking per age group and gender plus a ranking for the Elite men and Elite women category.  The timing of the event must start with the gun, and not when each individual rider crosses the starting carpet (GUN time principle). The winner of the different age groups can only be defined using Gun time.

Published results of qualified riders

The organiser will provide a full list of results to Golazo Sports within 5 days after the completion of the event.

A list of qualified riders may be published online or on-site at the qualifying event but these will be pending approval from the UCI and are thus unofficial. Only the list which is published on the website can be considered as the official list of qualified riders.

Podium ceremony protocol

Podium timings will be announced in the Race Guide but are dependent on finishing times of riders. Riders must listen for announcements on the event day in order to ensure they arrive at the podium presentations on time.

Riders must arrive at the podium waiting area no later than 10 minutes before the podium call time.

It is mandatory for all riders finishing in the Top 3 of their age group to attend the podium presentation.

Cycling kit must be worn on the podium. Cycling shoes or suitable sports shoes are permitted.


Every rider who finishes in the top 25% of their age group in UGWS qualifier events will be awarded a medal.  

Eligible riders should report to the event Info Desk at the times indicated in the Race Guide. Medals must be collected on the day and cannot be posted to riders after the event.

The top 3 finishers per age group receive their medal on the podium.

Uci gravel world series Jersey

The TREK UCI Gravel World Series will provide a jersey for the winner of each age category race. The overall winner on both men’s and women’s races will also receive a jersey.

Eligible riders must wear the jersey handed to them on the podium.

  • You must wear a helmet throughout the race. UCI regulation 3.031 requires riders to wear a helmet during all UGWS events. You will disqualified from the race if you are caught not wearing you helmet during the race.
  • All riders attest to the fact that they are in sufficiently fit and healthy for the physical effort required to complete an arduous a cycling race.
  • Accident and third-party liability insurance: all cyclists who take part in a UGWS event must possess appropriate medical and third-party liability insurance.
  • Each rider is responsible for ensuring that they possess adequate medical insurance.

A team of commissaires and race officials will be present at The Gralloch to ensure safe and fair racing. All decisions by the Race Director are final.