Gralloch /ɡralək/ [noun] a deer’s entrails [verb] to disembowel a deer
ORIGIN: gaelic grealach

The gravel trails of the Gralloch might crisscross one of Scotland’s most beautiful and undiscovered gems, but we designed it as race so you might not get the time to take it all in!

The idea came after one of our other events, Raiders Gravel. Held in the same Galloway and Southern Ayrshire town as The Gralloch, Gatehouse of Fleet, Raiders is aimed at anyone, racers and more recreational riders, but we realised the Dumfries and Southern Ayrshire UNESCO Biosphere is the perfect place for a full-on race.

Talking to riders at both Raiders and King’s Cup, another of our gravel events, we knew there was demand for a UCI Gravel World Series race. It’s not just us though, without the people of Gatehouse of Fleet and our numerous partners The Gralloch couldn’t happen.

You’ll be racing for the chance to qualify for your age group at the UCI Gravel World Championships in Italy next autumn, so it could be a hard day out, but we promise not to Gralloch you!


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Our mission is to provide an exceptional experience for our participants by creating well-organised and challenging events that push boundaries and inspire riders to achieve their goals. We understand that participants invest their time and money into our events and strive to exceed their expectations with every event we organise.

RED ON organises three major gravel cycling events in the UK, including Raiders Gravel, The Gralloch and King's Cup Gravel Festival featuring the British Gravel Championships. These events showcase the beautiful UK countryside and are designed to cater to a range of cycling abilities, from beginners enjoying our 40km Gravel Fondo at King's Cup to experienced cyclists racing for World Championship qualification at The Gralloch.

Our events attract a wide range of participants, from recreational cyclists to professional athletes, and we take pride in creating a level playing field for all.

At RED ON, we are also committed to sustainability and reducing our impact on the environment. We strive to minimise waste and promote environmentally friendly practices at all our events.

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