Whether The Gralloch is your first gravel race or you’re an off-road racing veteran, you’ll need plenty of information before arriving in Scotland for the event. This page will be updated as the race approaches to give you all the information you need.


What? Where? When? Who? The Race Guide will answer all your questions - and more! - and will be published in the weeks before your race.



The route for the second edition of The Gralloch will be different from 2023.

Of course you’ll still race on some of the best gravel trails you’ll find anywhere, and in Scotland no route is easy, so expect a tough day in the saddle.

You’ll find out exactly what you’ve let yourself in for in Spring 2024.



To minimise disruption to the Biosphere, the residents of Gatehouse of Fleet and for rider safety it is necessary all riders complete sections of the course within a predetermined time. To ensure this there will be cut off points where competitors will be withdrawn from the race should they be behind the required speed. The cut-off locations and timings can be found below.

What happens if I don't make the cut-off?

If you do not make it to a cut-off in time you will need to follow the instructions of the race official at the cut-off point. It may still be possible for you to ride on as cut-off times will be assessed dynamically and may be extended depending on weather conditions and how racing unfolds at the front of the field. The cut-off time will never be earlier than indicated but can be extended.

How do I get back to the event village if I miss the cut-off?

Each cut-off features a short-cut route back to the finish line. Race officials will provide instructions to you. After each shortcut you'll very quickly rejoin the official race route and can continue following signage to the finish.

Why is there a cut-off shortly before the finish?

The final kilometres of the race route including the finish line are located on public road in Gatehouse of Fleet. We are closing these roads for the event but need to reopen them to traffic after the indicated cut-off time. You will still be able to follow the route to the finish but will no longer be allowed to race.

Masters age group racing

As part of the TREK UCI Gravel World Series, and a qualifier for the UCI Gravel World Championships The Gralloch is raced in age groups in line with the UCI's Masters Categories. These age groups apply to both Women and the Men races and are as follows:


Junior Race

For 2024 The Gralloch has introduced a Junior race.

The Junior race will NOT be part of the TREK UCI Gravel World Series and you can’t qualify for the Worlds, but Junior racers will start in their own pens, racing the same course and distance as the adults!

To qualify you must be at least 16 on the day of the event, and no more than 18 on 31st December 2024.


For 2024 the UCI have introduced an Elite Category at every round of the TREK UCI Gravel World Series.

There is an Elite Category for both men and women and each will have their own start pen.

Participants in this race may only qualify for the Elite Category at the UCI Gravel World Championships. If a rider wishes to qualify for Worlds in their age group they must enter their age group race at The Gralloch - NOT the Elite Category.

To enter the Elite category at The Gralloch riders MUST hold a race licence bearing a UCI ID number. You will need to enter your UCI ID when registering and your licence will be checked on arrival at the race.

Racers who ride for a UCI registered team must register for the Elite category.

If I race in the Elite Category and miss out on the top 25%, can I still qualify for Worlds via my age group category?

No. If sign up and start in the Elite category and don’t qualify in the Elite category, you can’t claim qualification in your age group instead, even if your finish time would be within the top 25% of your age category.

I didn’t select the “Elite Category” when I registered. Can I still edit my entry?

Yes. Please follow the instructions here.


There is one Preferred Start Box for both men’s and women’s races. The qualification criteria for this box will be communicated at a later stage.

Rider Insurance

TREK UCI Gravel World Series regulations require all riders have third party insurance to cover all eventualities. This can be obtained from various providers and as part of some national federation membership schemes. Proof of cover may be required.

Cycling in A biosphere

We have the privilege of calling the Galloway and Southern Ayrshire UNESCO Biosphere the home of The Gralloch. The UNESCO Biosphere designation is recognition of the fantastic array of landscapes, wildlife, cultural heritage and learning opportunities that SW Scotland offers for communities, businesses and visitors. Find out more about the biosphere below, and how to respect its natural wonders. 

There are now more than 700 UNESCO Biospheres around the world, which have been awarded the designation based on their unique and precious natural environment.  The UNESCO Biosphere title comes with some wonderful obligations: to get locals and visitors working together for the benefit of nature, and to centre sustainability in how we live, work and play.

Galloway and Southern Ayrshire UNESCO Biosphere was the first such designation in Scotland, recognising 5,268km² of landscape, wildlife, and cultural heritage.

Within the Biosphere, the Galloway Forest Park is home to one of the world-class 7 Stanes mountain biking centres, and now also to Raiders Gravel and The Gralloch. Within its multi-sector programme, the event works to support green travel, eco-tourism and sustainable visitor attractions across south-west Scotland.  And cycling – whether as a leisure pursuit, adrenaline adventure, or just a means to get to work – aligns perfectly with UNESCO Biosphere goals.

For anyone spending time in this beautiful biosphere, we join our partners across the country in saying that Scotland is yours to enjoy, responsibly. Together we can make this the best possible place for people and nature by following the principles of ‘protect, respect, enjoy’ and abiding by the Scottish Outdoor Access Code. Take only memories – leave only footprints and tyre marks! 

1.     The main aim: leave no trace. Sometimes even footprints can be harmful, when there are too many of them. Respect where you are going, protect the beauty and fragile state of the wilderness around you. 

2.     It’s obvious, but don’t litter. We’ll provide you with waste disposal bins and recycling bins at the Event Village to help you be as environmentally friendly as possible! Don’t drop any litter whilst you’re out on route. Any riders caught purposely littering will be disqualified.

3.     Noise is another “polluter”. Be mindful of the sensitive wildlife and tranquil community you’ll be cycling past.

4.     While we’ll minimise traffic on the routes, it’s still worth noting that lanes and roads are made for all, including agricultural vehicles – and they have become much faster and bigger since the 50s! Listen and watch out and let them pass safely.

5.     In Galloway, people like to wave – to cyclists, too! Make sure to return the friendly gesture and who knows, maybe you’ll return home with some new mates.

WORLD CHAMPS Qualification

All races in the TREK UCI Gravel World Series allow riders to qualify for the UCI Gravel World Championships which will be held on Belgium in autumn 2024. The UCI will confirm the qualification standard in the near future.