The Gralloch surges past 1500 riders - dive into the statistics

The Gralloch already has many more entrants than started last year’s race, and we’ve picked some stats from the 1,500+ we have at the time of writing.

Of them all the average age is 45.68, the men older at 45.98 than the women at 43.53. Our oldest man is 80 (yes 80!) while the most senior woman is 70. Unsurprisingly our Junior race hosts the youngest, a 16 year-old man and 17 year-old woman.

And the UCI age groups? The youngest woman is 20, and youngest man will be just 18 on the day, but qualifies for his age group as he’s 19 before the year ends.

Talking of age groups, there’ll be a huge scrap among the 19-34 women who are the biggest female group, while watch out in the 50-54 men’s!

With 28 nationalities represented, there’s a 7% increase in non UK riders, a Cypriot rider was the latest to join us. Riders will be joining us from as far afield as Mauritius, New Zealand, South Africa, Colombia, Argentina and many more. Of the UK based entrants 67% are English, 28% Scottish, 3% Welsh, 2% from Northern Ireland and 1% Channel Islands.

The top non-British nations joining us on The Gralloch start line are Ireland, USA, Belgium, France and the Netherlands.

Finally, we have a 14.6% increase in women entrants, which is great news! Overall the numbers still lag behind the men. We've carefully analysed rider feedback from the first edition of The Gralloch and revamped the start order and will once again have dedicated start pens for women to ensure safe and fair racing across the board with minimal overtaking by other age groups.

So remember, whether your racing or are looking for a personal challenge, The Gralloch is for everyone!

See you on the start line.