Fenwick's returns for 2024

A clean bike is a fast bike and what better time to clean yours than the moment you cross The Gralloch finish line?

For the second year we’re proud to welcome Fenwick’s back to the The Gralloch, and their team will be on hand, just across the finish line, helping you return your bike to its shiny pre-race best, using their fantastic and environmentally friendly cleaning and maintenance products.

Fenwick’s are a British, family run company which has been around since 1995, starting life on a home workbench. This was not an ordinary workbench, Jonathon had studied Material Science at university and specialised in material failure, so was acutely aware of products out there damaging bikes. Being keen cyclists, Jonathon and his twin brother set about creating an effective bike cleaner that was sympathetic to both bikes and the environment.  Focusing on concentrates to minimise packaging and waste. A concept which is now becoming common place.

The original Hog Wash Concentrated Bike Cleaner was born, then and tweaked and developed into the award winning concentrate we have today, now with many other lines added. Those include chain lubes, grease, carbon paste, brake fluid, brushes and sponges for every occasion and much more!

If you’re not too tired just stop by their wash stations and observe the best in the industry at work!

Find out more at: fenwicksbike.com