Introducing Fenwick's

A clean bike is a fast bike which is why we’ve team up with bike maintenance products company Fenwick’s.

Fenwick’s will be providing a number of bike cleaning stations over the weekend of The Gralloch to make sure you’re running as smooth and fast as possible.

In turn Fenwick’s will be supporting another of our partners, Wheels of Fleet, the community cycle charity in Gatehouse of Fleet which helps local kids by getting them involved with bikes and cycling at all levels.

Jon Smith, managing director at Fenwick's visited Wheels of Fleet recently and this is what he had to say about them and how Fenwick’s will be supporting riders at The Gralloch:

“Visiting Wheels of Fleet in Gatehouse of Fleet was enlightening and inspirational, it truly is the epitome of community spirit. Danny is a powerhouse of a person, bringing together the best in people. The program they are running with the local primary school is obviously working really well as the children were so engaged and enthusiastic, it is teaching at its best.

“Just walking around the village and seeing how cycling and Malcolm [Smith, event organiser] and his team has been embraced by the village was lovely to see. I feel privileged to have been invited into your world. Thank you.

"From an event perspective we will be cleaning bikes focusing on keeping the drivetrains clean and lubricated. This is where most of the gains can be made with the correct preparation. Our unique Foaming Chain Cleaner cleans without using harsh chemicals or solvents and can be used in very small amounts. It only takes 5 to 10ml of product to clean a whole drivetrain. Lubrication is then handled with our All Conditions Chain Lube, a readily biodegradable thin film lubricant, designed to penetrate and stay on throughout all weathers. Simple, effective, and easy to use.

“For the duration of the event (Friday and Saturday) we aim to have six cleaning stations providing all the cleaning equipment and lubrication for riders to use, under the watchful eye of a member of staff. We will also have a 2 mechanics on hand should the need arise.”

‍Being green has been part of Fenwick's DNA since way before it was cool to tout your environmental creds. Whilst they’ve been quietly getting on with making products that work in harmony with the places we all like to ride our bikes for over three decades now, they wanted to go further and that’s why Fenwick's are waving a flag about joining 1% for the planet. It’s just one of the ways they’re stepping up as a brand to do more in the pursuit of sustainability.

1% for the planet was started by Yvon Chouinard (founder of Patagonia) and Craig Matthews to enable environmentally conscious businesses to donate 1% of their gross sales directly to environmental non-profits that make the biggest difference.

The Gralloch co-founder Maximilian Wussler is "Excited to welcome Fenwick's as an official partner of the UK's first UCI Gravel World Series event. We're inspired by the people behind the brand at Fenwick's and their passion for cycling, clean bikes and most importantly the environment we ride in. Jon's [Smith, managing director at Fenwick's] decision to support Wheels of Fleet as part of his partnership with The Gralloch is a great step in helping build the lasting legacy of cycling in the region and supporting the stars of tomorrow".

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